Napoleonic Reenactment

Michelle provided French, German and Russian interpreting services for the 95th Rifles and the Napoleonic Association at overseas reenactment events in France, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands.

To ensure the safety of all participants, Michelle was called upon to interpret various regulations on military equipment prior to the commencement of the reenactments. She acted as liaison between participants and emergency services on and off the battlefield. This included interpreting directly between English, French, German and Russian.

Further information about these organisations can be found on their websites 95th Rifles and Napoleonic Association.



45eme de ligne

Michelle translated both the Official History of the Regiment and the private journal of a rank and file soldier present at the Battle of Waterloo.

You can find out more about theĀ 45eme de ligne on their website.


Bachelors and Masters Essays

Michelle checked students' final draft essays for spelling, punctuation and grammar, ensuring that their work was mistake-free.

Michelle was able to notify the author of any inconsistencies without compromising the sole ownership of their work.