What is a discovery chat?

This may be carried out via email or over the phone and is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for me to try to ascertain exactly what you are expecting and require of me. It is a chance for us to iron out any potential problems prior to me starting work and in order to avoid any confusion or embarrassment at a later date. Discussion topics may include:

  • Fiction or non-fiction
  • Audience (adults, children)
  • Type of document (book, website article, brochure, etc)
  • Subject matter (History, Education, Business, etc)
  • Type (biography, article)
  • Estimate of amount of time to be taken
  • Hourly rate or fixed amount
  • Language
  • Formal/informal writing
  • Date work to arrive
  • Format to be received in
  • Style Guide to be provided by client
  • Style Sheet to be created by copyeditor/proofreader
  • Tracked changes or highlight/comment only
  • Amount of licence for editorial changes
  • Instalment dates/amounts (for larger jobs)
  • Deadline for return
  • Format to be returned in and how (email)

It may be that I feel that I am not experienced enough to carry out this work or it is not a subject that I feel comfortable with, in which case I will decline the work and either refer you to a colleague or to a professional body or organisation, such as the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting(ITI).

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